Here are some preliminary cost estimates for our reunion.  Be sure to keep checking back for updates.
Expenses                                                           Per Person
Travel Air
Check Flight Centre for good rates                                                            $550.00      
Car Rentals   /  see Travel Tab for suggestions
Gas - car travel 
Train Travel
Bus Travel
Accommodation - off site   /  see Travel Tab for suggestions
Accommodation - the land   /                                                                         no charge
Reunion Meals   /   Incl. Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper                     Daily  -  $10. - $12.
                                                                                                                       Weekly          $50.                
Restaurant Meals    /  see restaurants under Travel tab
Recreation    Swimming in Lakes!!                                                          FREE!
Town Swimming Pool                                                                                $5.00
Canada's Wonderland                                                                                 $48.00
Costco                                                                                                             $38.00
Golfing - Diamond in the Rough       Monday deal                                $1.00 a hole
                                                                 Tuesday deal                                 $2.00 a hole
                                                                 Wed - Sun                                      $27.50
Tree Trekking / Bracebridge                                                                       $50.00
Santa's Village                                                                                                $38.00
Lady Muskoka Cruises / Bracebridge                                                        $43.00
Fishing /  Using Rick's boat                                                                         FREE!
Family Baseball Game                                                                                   FREE!
Reunion T-Shirt???   hopefully                                                                   $5.00
Here is an idea for the T Shirt

Yours will be branded with your family name