What's the "FAMILY" tab?

Click the "where are they now" and find out where your relatives/friends live now and will 
be travelling "from" to celebrate our reunion.

Click "Your Profile" tell us all about yourself and allow people to send you private messages and get reacquainted!  

Complete your address and turn on the map to interact with google maps in the "where are they now".

Leave a comment on this page for all to see!

And finally
don't forget to show us YOU "then" and "now" - upload your photos.

Note: If you include your birthdate it will transfer to the "calendar" and your birthday may be filled with a whole bunch of new birthday greetings! What could be nicer than that?

What is the "GUEST BOOK" tab?

Sign in here to visit and communicate with everyone on our site.  Family and friends, whether or not you can attend are welcome to sign in and share family anecdotes / news and "Phillips Phacts!

is the "DETAILS OF EVENTS" tab?

We are busy organizing events for you and as soon as the details are finalized for an event they will be posted here.  So be sure to check this page out on a regular basis.  

Individual Family Days will be posted here as well once we have final itineraries from everyone!

What is an individual family day? 

Meals are "family day" oriented. 

Each family will be assigned a day where they do all the cooking and make sure everyone is fed and happy!  Also, on this day you will organize and supervise a family event, so get your thinking caps on. Shopping and meal planning will be done for you.  Easy - Peasy!

What's the "REUNION 2020 QUIZ" tab?

Send us your "tricky" questions about Phillips family members and history, along with the answer, and we'll post it for some fun on the site!  If you don't know the answer and would like to, send it in and we'll post it and see if someone else knows.  Don't be shy about any suggestions you think will add some fun and spark the excitement for our grand get - together.

What is the "PHOTO ALBUM" tab
used  for?

Do you have some great old or new "family" photos? 
This is where you can post them so we all can enjoy.  If you can't identify everyone in the photo perhaps another family member can. 
Use the CONTACT form to let us know who you can "name" and we'll update the photos.

Why should I check the "WHO'S COMING" Tab?

If you don't see a family member here use your influence to convince them they'll be missing "the time of their life!" if they don't attend! We want you ALL there.
As much advance notice of your arrival is appreciated so we can co-ordinate transportation from the airport to THE LAND.  It will be of tremendous help if families can co-ordinate their arrivals at the airport and thus require only one trasport to the land.  (if at all possible)

What the heck is the "TRAVELLERS" tab?

Perhaps some of the most important info is here.  Check this page out for all kinds
 of usefull information to help you plan your visit to THE LAND 2020 REUNION. 
There will be suggestions for
, car rentals, things to do in the surrounding area and even some popular restaurants together with the contact information, websites and any special "need to know" information where necessary.  You can even check what the weather will be for your stay!


This is a "work in progress" where you will be able to find your Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and perhaps some "Skeletons in the closet"!  Once posted, if you find mistakes or missing information, please let us know in the Contact Us form so we can make the corrections.