The info in the travellers tab includes car rental info, cottage, motel rentals and restaurants close by the Land. When you go into travellers tab then click on the word accommodations, restaurants, etc. or whatever you are looking for and you will see some suggestions. If anyone has any suggestions that I could add to this tab, please go into the guestbook tab and e-mail me (Debbie Foley) your suggestions.

This info will assist you in planning your trip and securing lodging, rental car, etc.

Don't forget Lea and Rick have lots of room at the Land for sleeping especially for those that have the expense of airfare, train fare, etc. 

Airbnb has homes for rent in Muskoka Lakes if anyone is looking to rent accommodations for 16 people or less. Just go into airbnb and search for homes in Muskoka Lakes there might be something suitable for your group. I will list one I saw as an example, but best for each individual to go into airbnb and search for your own group.
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